• Flora12 January 31
    Gaztelugatxe is a minimum islet attached to the Basque coast past only a small stone bridge and a rewinding staircase. I have explored this place and I have also enjoyed on this place hiking. This place historical as well also adventure able, I suggest all members should go to this place and enjoys this place sometimes with own their self.

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  • Brinkman January 31
    Gaztelugatxe seems to me a smart choice to go ahead so will make sure to enjoy hiking there after bus tours niagara falls. Here I would like to read more about it and hope you buddy love to share that you know. Moreover, photos of this island could make me more crazy to go ahead. So, must share if you have a collection.
  • Flora12 February 3
    I am going to share this place some images that I captured in my tour time.

  • Brinkman February 6
    Have a look at these exciting views it seems to me will be a perfect way to have fun for me to be there and enjoy the exciting time. Hope it will be a fun for me to have some calling memories.So, soon will be in Gaztelugatxe to see such exciting views around me.
  • BradenBraden February 12
    Gaztelugatxe will be so much stunning time for sure. I will like to have some fun there more and more ahead. It will be so much fabulous and beautiful time as it. I will like to have some fun there ahead.
  • Jennifer February 13
    Flora12, Its just really fabulous thing that you have just shared so much great kind of Gaztelugatxe shots. I like them all as these all are the great and captured from a great place which is the Gaztelugatxe and this will be surely mine next move as well after watching these all shots. Would love to have great fun ahead to enjoy something greatly.