Los Angeles or San Francisco?
  • Brinkman January 19
    Should I go with los angeles tour packages or to San Francisco? I am keen to read here so, say all frankly here. I am keen to read and would like to choose then. I hope you guys help me out to plan a tour for a right place where to spend 3 days fully.
  • BradenBraden February 16
    Luckily, I am also going for that and this will be so much appealing time for sure for it. I can have just a gorgeous and great time. i am just heading with the tours of sf. and that is gonna be a fun time for me and for others too. So what say what is your bucket list which you will explore there?
  • Timeon October 11
    Both of these are great regions to travel more. But personally, I love Los Angles to explore due to Disneyland. I think you should go for it if love to have fun in an Amusement park. But if you love to see world-renowned bridge then should plan to travel toward San Francisco to walk over Golden Gate Bridge.

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