I want to enjoy!!
  • Flora12 January 2018

    I want to go this place and enjoy hiking, actually, my brother wants to go and he shares with me this image. After watching this image so I have also taken interest and I want to go there. So guys let share with me the place name if you know.

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  • Brinkman January 2018
    What a pretty cool place to go ahead? Hopefully, it will be a fun way to enjoy hiking there and taking such cool views. Hope spending time there will be a great idea for you and your brother. Anyway, this view taken from Sognefjord and hopefully you will like to be there soon for more fun.

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  • Jennifer March 2018
    Brinkman, It's just really great and too much nice to have something amazing fun ahead at the Sognefjord as I am always looking for like these places where can enjoy the natural beauty with something ventures as well. That would remain so much best I am sure.
  • Johnny Jack April 2018
    Flora12! According to my information, this view was captured from the Stalheim which is a beautiful and charming valley in Norway. In this valley, you can enjoy the scenery of greenery and also enjoy hiking there. I must say that you move ahead there without any hesitation.
  • Rocky April 2018
    You have shared here so much attractive view of place which appealing me lot for going there and having fun with mates as well. Would like to get some more information about its location and accommodation nearest its too. SO, here i need to take help from all of you. Will you guys, tell me some more information about it.