Badges Etched In Uniform - Symbolizes Country’s Pride
  • petragems January 2018

    Patched on the left side of the uniform, carrying the honor of the nation on the chest, the patch instills the feeling of pride and honor for each and every individual. Every country has a badge stitched on their uniform, with each one being distinct to one another. These symbols consistof items that are intricate to the country and define the vision of the force.

    Where are these badges used?

    Badges are different types and at made of wire or bullions. These badges are largely a common sight used in uniforms of academics, army, military units and individuals. While both kinds of badges are used as a mark of symbol and honor niche to the nation or school, they differ in its making.

    For eons, handcrafted bullion badges have been used which are created by skilled craftsmen owning years of experience. Each and every symbol is created by needlework, by minutely crafting the designs. The difference between badges made of bullions and wires are very minute which is explained in detail below.

    Bullion badges are hand embroidered, crafted combining gold, and silver bullion wires, silk and cotton pearl which are used to stitch patches on blazers. The threads and material used in crafting the badges are high-quality shinning threads which have shine.

    Wire badges are crafted using wires of silver, gold, and other colors. They are crafted using thick wire threads of different shapes and sizes. The batches also consist of letters, dates and titles. This kind of batches are used in jerseys, military uniforms of different ranks and school uniforms.