Jordan Pond!!
  • Flora12 November 2017

    This place name is Jordan Pond, this is adventure place and this place only tarn in Acadia National Park near the town of Bar Harbor, Maine. I am adventure love and this is place have once explored in my life but now i want to again explore this place in my coming life but before i have to go this place, I want to know about your views.

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  • Brinkman November 2017
    Jordan Pond is really a nice point of interest in Acadia National Park and sure to go for it and enjoy kayaking the will make your travel time more remarkable for you. I personally had a great time there before going with new jersey to niagara falls tours and had the wish to enjoy swimming there that is unfortunately not allowed.
  • BradenBraden December 2017
    Well, tell me do you have some images of the Jordan Pond? I will love to have some fun there more and more and this will be so much appropriate thing for having some fun there ahead always. i will love to have such fabulous time there ahead always.
  • Johnny Jack December 2017
    I do agree with all of you the Jordan Pond is one of the beautiful and attractive points of Acadia National Park which all the visitors really like to explore and enjoy the charm of the nature beauty. I had visited this place more than three times in my life and was enjoyed stunning views there.
  • Brinkman January 2018

    For you here I have few more photos and hope you like this collection. Hope after having a look at these views you would love to go for it and enjoy yourself fully. So, must plan a tour if want to do something exciting.
  • YashitaYashita January 2018
    You all have shared informative stuff about Jordan Pond and some members also have shared its nice and attractive views. It is the most famous attraction of Maine and most visited around the world. Travelers could enjoy there hiking, horseback riding, walking and lots of other activities which are the famous for there.
  • Brinkman January 2018
    You are right about Jordan Pond. I think who are thinking to go for Acadia National Park should add the name of Jordan Pond to make fun in all these ways. walking over such lovely path could be a source of refreshment for all. So, name to be noted for fun seekers.
  • BradenBraden January 2018
    I am so sure that this will be so much stunning time for me for sure. I can have such appealing time there and this will be so much precious way of fun that is gonna be so much appealing time for sure.