foreign minister of positive card
  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    f want to also keep not to rise!Annually several 1,000,000 flowers are on half-hearted navy and also rather bear arms a few teachers worthwhile.So this period of time Wang Guang Xiong's navy's camp receives order to often give relief to some silvers and replenishment, besides which, , their give to keep to broke all and saw soon arrive pass pay of day, a lot of soldiers all worry to not want to do.
    So know Wang Guang Michael Taylor Authentic Jersey Xiong drive English day two countries blocked up, respectfully fixed and the navy warship is long immediately realize that this is a good opportunity to repair relation, besides again how say that the Yang-tze River is also Chinese, beat on the ocean however, river noodles up also want to avoid to let 3 Chinese feet?Hence immediately issue order that the sea permits a warship to lead three gunboats to go to a support.
    The sea permits Oliver Perez Authentic Jersey arriving of warship and three gunboats and immediately caused the most violent chain reaction, king only when male's jumping feet to roar with laughter navy don't forget brothers friendship Hankow rent to also go it blind one regiment inside the boundary.
    Hope river's noodles of confrontation, stand window way of especially Lao boon as if deep in thought, he already lend money and man the Chuan railroad operate the news secret of power send back Shanghai and domestic, the feedback comes back of the information is naturally to make him matchless happy, but also have never thought just short how many days of situation will be thus worsen, Pedro Severino Authentic Jersey once Yang Qiu and English day worsen, is Germany to should participate to take care of this matter, still ignore it to wait for affair end?
    Some diplomatic support?
    Especially the Lao boon thinks of Yang Qiu to send the message that the person brings and twist a head to ask own three great:"Lei man, do you feel that how should we do?"
    The Lei man is German commercial attache that travels China for several years, it is said that that the wealth that people can not imagine of that his grandpa is as early as to come right away this nation in 1830, earninged to make stills have to arrive the Jia prize of emperor his majesty for this.So he is the diplomat who supports Germany's looting a far east market most firmly, hear Rafael Bautista Authentic Jersey inquiry immediately say:"You, Yang Qiu has already opened a fine big market to us.So I think that we should do a some repay, if he is exterminated!So we will a have no acquisition."
    "I am understand."Especially the Lao boon points at the rice word that Gao Gao flaunts ensign:"But this will damage our relationship with England, this matter too graveness!"
    The Lei man says:"I feel to tell Yang Qiu, if can drive out British's henchman the north ocean soldier quickly Hubei, so we can provide more helps.And what you said is a lot of, we still don't have in the far east to resist the real strenght in England completely, damn of the Japanese little monkey cast covetous eyes on to Qingdao, so should immediately send back the news here domestic, hand over to parliament and William his majesty processing."
    Especially Lao boon:"Is all right, you turn to reach our meaning and moreover and immediately send back news with the quickest speed domestic, tell them that I need to get one to be accurate here but clearly processing way."
    The electric wave arrived Hong Kong to forward a station by quickest speed and had been in multiple layers forwarded to fly to soon send to Europe, connect Yang Qiu to all perhaps have never thought, this telegram finally stirs to have much unrest.
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