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  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    ry out a task currently, the fourth teacher also takes the training in time, five teacher whips are long Mo and, lately- set up 2 travels and all just starts, so should wait Sun Wern to come back unified lead three road Northern Expeditions, otherwise will sink into the danger of Gu soldier battle.
    Yang Qiu sits before Rob Zastryzny Authentic Jersey office desk and Be combining previous incarnation memory to edit army hurriedly school teaching material and listenning to the circumstance that Sung son purely make collective report for these several days, hear him lift up head to ask a way after saying finish:"Is this your opinion of staff officer department?"
    Sung son is pure to say:"Yes, everyone doesn't approve now Northern Expedition, at least in the honor and duties undecided front would not like to."
    "Is the honor and duties undecided?See to my identity problem, you still discuss very vehemence."Yang Qiu temporarily puts to set down on paper, tiny tiny a smile:"Three teachers and four teachers how do you prepare to solve?"
    Yang Qiu has been Ron Santo Authentic Jersey hoping Cai Ji Min is full-time the latter being staff officer, lending this armistice have been already promised, so the seat of three teachers and four teacher teachers empty hang out.Originally was to prepare to choose from three teacher bears grasped trips like Kun,etc long, can come to see this several people can not take a teacher now, so Sung son pure suggestion way:"My opinion is to make Zhang Ting assist to serve as three teacher teachers, adjust small building of stone to allow four teacher teachers, Deng Yu Lin allows chief of staff.In addition, Hang ambition in Hunan lately set up six to travel a new soldier have already enlisted to Ryne Sandberg Authentic Jersey complete, but Hunan so greatly and only depends a trip not to go, my opinion is to adjust three teachers a trip expect into Xiang first steady live situation, two trips and three trips training are after completing also send where.Four teachers stay in the man sun to strengthen training, is one teacher and two preparing of teachers brigade.Su small tiger the fifth teacher mercenary have been already completed, in addition to a trip outside leave is all town soldier in Sichuan, the west of the Dian defends a soldier to also choose 1000 people, the total real strenght compares with four teachers strong.But soldier bad habit in the town is too many, so he hopes to send some military officers quickly to be past.All of Ma Kui's seven trips are farmers sons new soldier, want to join our young mans to be a lot of now, Sammy Sosa Authentic Jersey anticipate at the latest after three days can recruit to complete."
    Sung son is pure to have already had of total chief of staff power unclearly, the tone is quickly steady heavy while talking, and this makes Yang Qiu very happy:"Three teachers, four teachers according to your arrangement.Five teachers leave a trip to garrison Chengdu and leave two trips to temporary adjust Chongqing and Ma Kui's seven trips to train to accept thought education together.Glory county and from flow well there how?Juan truly the Sir's railroad company have already been Hankow being listed yesterday and waited a rice next!"
    "Wu Yu Zhang and have already promised to let go of weapon to accept military government the whole plait the department, wait intensive place of salt well from the Gong Ma Kui all have already sent a person catcher, all salt companies have already got our cooperation notices, and the big parts all mean to accept and only have little part."Sung son is pure to just grind to a stop down, Yang Qiu serious way:"There is no little part!Was