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    So he immediately and tactfully reminds a way:"Commander officer's you, concerning what you put forward's lately trading me will immediately turn to return to country inside, just your current identity, can Preston Tucker Authentic Jersey not also be a government to sign on the contract."
    Especially Lao boon forepaw just walk, Yang Qiu quickly take care of thunder is several fierce, just carry since the tea walked to from Zhang Biao lifted a Du mansion make come of significant map before, also not saw 2 people directly say:"I know that you have to ask me words, I will also give you the opportunity of the openings, however get foresight to finish a personal behind ask again."
    Sung son is pure and Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi have already canned not contained any more, 2 people all know the importance of money.Yang Qiu takes from flow well salt tax to mortgage them to have no an opinion, Reymin Guduan Authentic Jersey Pie in addition to salt tax three the provinces still have enough farm tax and excise tax to prop up people's livelihood and troops.But take out a man Chuan railroad for 30 years operation right 2 people feel very uncomfortable.Wu Chang's revolution can succeed, Sichuan protects road sport to perform feats.The citizen is very big to foreigner control railroad Roy Oswalt Authentic Jersey opinion now, today still confiscate back in man in the city and Jin river bank line, will sell the railroad that oneself build to Germany to carry a camp, always feel to have the felling to grow to send the person the oneself kid.Besides even if the Pie goes to these, is made use of in case of this matter big four publicize to go out, also have much of influence to Yang Qiu and the national defense soldier's reputation.
    Originally thought Lao boon especially a walked them to ask clearly and have never thought to still want foresight one person.What person than this matter more importance?
    After being a burst of to knock on door a voice, answered 2 people's doubt.Brings in to one person just after seeing the soldier work secretary Chen Guo Fu to knock on door.The bearer is about 50 years old, whole body dress, the hair probably just shaved soon and was still suffused with green light on the forehead, thick eyebrow round face, the tip of nose bottom still stays a small beard.Most Scott Feldman Authentic Jersey the importance is very this person to seem to be different from common businessman private Shen, always let people feel a kind of the flavor of ocean spirit.
    "This BE?"
    Sung son is pure to just open mouth, Yang Qiu has already smiled an introduction way:"I come to introduce bottom, this is the Yue man and Chuan man the railroad always do, Zhan Tian blesses a Sir."
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi got a fright and hurriedly asked a way:"You are to study abroad the United States, and Tang Shao Yi's classmate, also the conductor spread fame number to almost polish off France to go on expedition commander Gu to pull out and built railroad piece in the city's Juan truly Sir?!"
    Zhan Tian blesses a temper quite good, is kind, ha ha a smile:"Unexpectedly minister piece also knows Zhan Mou, ha ha see to my reputation unlike commander also is small."
    "Truly the Juan Sir joked, Yang Mou a plain soldier knows to break not to know construction, can can not compare with you repair a railroad one heart for the country brings benefit to