great quantities need of urgently supplies
  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    will also right on the spot expand the plait as trip, Chongqing there I still prepare again establish a to travel, the most half month our country defend a soldier and then can gather together 100,000 battalions!If he the Yuan temple protect to really want to help the Zhou continues to beat for Nie, I settle however will flick soldier Northern Expedition and force he two line battles cope with Patrick Peterson Authentic Jersey to cannot compare with.Send two trips to follow river but bottom to support two Huais to strike against a Nanking at the same time, see him returning how to reply!"
    Huang Ke Qiang teaches the Ren the felling for really hasing a kind to swallow to kill a fly with Sung, Hubei is all made by him get into a hot dispute, the party person's whole lineseses withdrawing the upper stream in Yangtze River has already become settled situation and incredibly start beating the noticing of downstream now!How can this go?Plus 2 people originally wanted to Sean Lee Authentic Jersey return to Jiangsu first, then intend, so said towards seeing an eye behind immediately:"The Chen China ambition can Jia, but this everything pass graveness, we after preparing temporary return to a few company in Jiangsu and crane Qing(Cai Yuan Pei's word) etc. to measure just can make decision."
    "Two Yang Qius who since there is important business at the body don't request as well, however two Huais and Jiangxi detain supplies and boats and ships of our army to still hope to let go quickly!"Does T. J. Watt Authentic Jersey Yang Qiu still earnestly wish 2 people to leave, arch hand way:"Moreover please take me to turn to tell them, if the north ocean really walks Jin river bank the line go down south, I settle however flick a soldier to go down south a support in person!"
    The Li dollar Hong Mi has a small eye.He understands Yang Qiu's idea, now north the ocean obviously cannot beat, so 2 people seem to be an Ai hand here matchless, he this makes 2 people leave earlier!See an one mouthful one flick a soldier to go down south to win 2 people's facial expression more and more bad, don't know why to suddenly have already grown the impulse that
    Yuan a life time Terrell Suggs Authentic Jersey Kai concerning armistice in Hubei's replying hasn't come back and take Hubei as the upper stream in the Yang-tze River of center to again send out a whole country to switch on electricity, Hubei, Hunan and temporary military government in Sichuan announce to associately switch on electricity, invite to avoid Mr. Sun Wern who reside the overseas to return to country quickly and come Wu Chang Gong's company's national affairs.
    Although this telegram finally slightly makes a modification on the language of expression and has never directly said to invite Sun Wern to Wu Chang to serve as a big president,clear eye person's one Tony Romo Authentic Jersey eye knows that these are upper stream three provinces in Yang Zi Jiang to think in the future to acquire a greater political position in the new nation.And everyone very clear, regardless is Li dollar a Hong still Tan Yan 闿 , as well or is have Yang Qiu Deng Xiao of the background can, all is not likely to hold hands to send out this to associately switch on electricity, here noodles obviously is Yang Qiu and national defense soldier is bringing together.
    Can what can everyone say now?Chaotic approach, the gun pole is the biggest!Now three provinces in addition to bandit and Hao are outside strong, all guns hold in the somebody else's hand.Small Cang mountain one war is also