Avalokitesvara Graha Temple
  • Brinkman October 11
    I just heard the name of Avalokitesvara Graha Temple that its quite cool place to go ahead and there is a large Buddha statue that call the visitors to go there. Do you agree with it? If have any sort of information about it then share with me. I wanna go there because always crazy to know about scared places of different regions to know the culture of other nations.

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  • MirrahMirrah October 12
    Brinkman, It will be bit bad to say that I have no idea about the Avalokitesvara Graha Temple . It is completely a new place for me. I am also interested to know about this castle from other members in details. I am hopeful they will share something amaizng about it in future which I will love to read after my trips to niagara falls from boston