carrying the Feng words finished saying
  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    's photograph, smile way:"Is a general, young general!But he surrounds at Yang Zi Jiang's upper stream, as long as our control lives river Zhe Hu, he can not threaten us …….As for your misgiving let me think of a Chinese famous saying."
    "Duke will mutually, rather have a kind ……."
    Zhu Er Dian is tiny Ashur Tolliver Authentic Jersey tiny on smiling, John's hint has been very obvious, Chinese party person has already visited to withdraw in defeat completely from it, this indicates their so many beyond control hands in the future hold soldier's right all Du and the generals.In the traditional thinking of China, soldier's right means political real strenght, the greed will become big gradually along with the troops!So as long as canning facilitate a negotiation, can pass to divide, draw together to gradually break up southern China.Hold up Yuan a life time the Kai is also not necessarily the best choice, but he the strength in the north is to suppress Russia Brad Peacock Authentic Jersey and Japan, damage the only choice of British benefits, as long as can ensure and make him lead a name to unify China, so can ensure a British Empire of the benefits be free from to violate.
    "John, you see Yuan a life time Kai, tell him that we would like to give him diplomatic the whole support, I will also persuade bank quickly regiment to provide a batch of loans.Moreover ……we should also seek a representative and got in touch with him."Zhu Er Dian finally read Yang Qiu of eye newspaper cover and heavily threw at table up.
    The John Mo boon Brady Rodgers Authentic Jersey is a diplomat of old way, he knows how to do.So waited he to leave Zhu Er Dian to immediately pour cup coffee for himself, then order a cigar to again read a time of newspaper quietly behind.Already this young man first step controls Hubei, Hunan, if the upper stream in Yang-tze River in Sichuan will completely escape from a controling of British Empire be permeated into by the German?Should exchange some things with him probably?
    The small Cang mountain overwhelming victory exactly has for two days how much person how much matter be drawn in can not statistics at all among them, along with Yang Qiu rate department will soon the news coming back spread, the man sun coaxs to make indiscriminately more one regiment.
    "Ao Ao."
    Inside field in the school, more than ten more than 100 billowing circle big fatty pigs round a turn the son Be left to hurtle right Tu, their Si call, rush Tu, avoid all two leg living creatures, will Brian McCann Authentic Jersey originally 42 mark a big camp to make the chicken fly a dog to jump, many even still broke through guard defense line to run to river's dike.
    After death brandish long long kill pig knife to round the head soldiers of apron to loudly appeal to the public small call, seeing the commander would take the brotherses of one teacher and two teachers to return in triumph but returned, but didn't expect buy fatty pigs that need to be killeds to take advantage o a small warrior to don't notice to all run out a while, if this lets they ran, return how to start to get back behind need the United States urgently the United States make a meal of of the heros!
    "His Niang of, deserter!You this helps a deserter!Lao Tze connects north the ocean dare to kill, also doing not believe can not deal with you!"The head soldier calls terribly can the fighting strength differ very much, have to ask for help to set up frontier garrison a camp, ascend No.100 the person pursue relentlessly to a flock of fatty pigs and loudly appeal