thermodynamic power and artillery range
  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    out the rifle of bayonet to hurtle down with the armed forces and people man.
    This battle can not beat!
    All heavy machine guns adjusted a front line, in addition to the teacher department is here still have an all pretty can not quickly take back.Look back enemy's soldier, don't need to undertake the positive and heavy Aaron Brooks Authentic Jersey machine gun can carry a light machine gun to flee indiscriminately everywhere towards shooting getting pressure after, a strong man, seeing the soldier is one shuttle son, again add 78 infantries to protect, the thermodynamic power is fierce basically can not hold up against.
    Withdraw!Eye Chou's wearing troops to defeat and dispersed has already become settled situation, this control of Wang Yu Jia also can accept north biggest rout in ocean history, can etc. come out two enemy's soldiers that just discover small Cang top of hill also fierce hurtle down!
    Is sharp of withdrew Shao Addison Russell Authentic Jersey to overbear confidence, thousands of north ocean the soldier run about aimlessly everywhere, winking just the still crack and matchless northern ocean soldier in the everyone's eyes already become be pursued of have no head duck, a lot of soldiers for running to quickly even throw away to play to take and equip, heavy machine gun and big gun all are thrown , owner only a mind escapes and try very hard to of escape.
    The life that is ex- to have Wu the Cang mountain hurtled down fierce tiger, behind was cluster since the childhood than smell the hunting dog of find run still quickly hungry wolf, part of north ocean the soldier was simply to throw a gun away to pay ammunition to dive into icy cold river water to visit to go downward, more you hope me, I hope you, and the scare thousand times and at Albert Almora Authentic Jersey last and slowly raised hands.From the summit of hill to keep on seeing, the whole battlefields all became a side to pour of make track for to kill, organization holdout even if still have piecemeal, also already is no hindrance general situation, a night, Ao war of weariness with distress moment drive victory of joy dilute, a lot of soldiers even neglect a condition of the injury and almost paralyze of body, wildly make track for not to give up for can personally hold tight a northern ocean captive.
    Yang Qiu slowly sits to in the mountain stone, the mountain breeze blows icy coldly on one of spine, he die to hold in the center of palm after willing take off a hat and twisted a head to the same cook for a night of admire a hole smile way:"The dear warship is long, I remember that you seemed to keep illegally Cuban cigar."
    "Damn you really should go to hell."Admire a hole to bite a tooth, love of touch a cigar pass to he, the tobacco flavor Qiang of aromatic mordacity must never smoke cigarette of Yang Qiu tears direct current, Alec Mills Authentic Jersey cachinnation way:"Probably I really isn't suitable for to enjoy a life."
    Can't smoke to still blackmail own best cigar?This guy really owes to beat!Admire axe cold face, don't talk, but heart bottom also already this horrifying war make heart in torment, face this young too ridiculous, even if still keep the young man of soldier's sitting posture now, don't know to is to should scold him to let he worried about a night and still cry up to flatter so much well how many, finally connect he by himself also drive suddenly the Cuan rose the mind of to get a fright,is this it the heart heart of the soldier's that mutually cherish?
    From 11:00 A.M. November 13, "small Cang mountain battle" is experiencing to gradually match to round for four days, 16 hours positive blood rain fa