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  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    s take over to undertake to have a thermodynamic power support task.
    Wait until them run near after, two trip importance all of the thermodynamic power opened sweep in the past, about 5,000 hair Ses 98 with 20 much stand the machine gun spread out at total inside four battlefields Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey of 3 kilometers, together shoot of voice was like hurricane once sweep, heavy machine gun just the enemy of the front elephant wheat similar mowed pour, absorbed the first-time novella north ocean soldier immediately spread out lie pour, and this time still pull brigade form must really spread really spread, use the tree and the heap of soil on the hillside continuously forward exercise.The northern ocean machine gun brigade of behind also opened Ben Heller Authentic Jersey fire and intensively played rain at a few machine gun battlefield up arise a way small column of smoke, the quite a few machine riflemans are all mown down.Lie prone at the northern ocean soldier on the ground as long as see the machine there the gun be suppressed, spring up to hurtle several steps, then quickly lie to pour to climb before continuing into again, anyway always don't retreat.
    This kind of power obviously be knew that oneself has already been surrounded, so north ocean the fourth town want to extremely die on fighting, you come I go toward of play small Cang mountain battlefield pressure in rain abrupt increase, very not easy beat back an after shell again drop down, wait until own infantry afresh set plait to disappear after completing blunt come up.
    Was a wave of to assault don't almost and never once grind to a stop, life at fly soon disappearance, inside the whole battlefield all flow to drip a blood, several northern ocean soldiers all broke through battlefield, Bernie Williams Authentic Jersey was all officers and mens to bite tooth bayonet fighting to block to return to, finally Qin Zhang Shu and the military officers are all simply all copy to start a gun be have infantry.Once, two, three times two ends inside hours connect guard the national defense soldier of battlefield the officers and mens all forgot north the ocean exactly launched how much time assault, till the last everyone is to benumbedly open fire and open fire then the knives Be anti- to assault, hand inside only prepare a brigade also be pulled to come up to continue to consume in this kind of depletion.
    Corpse inside the battlefield horizontal seven Shus eight, current oneself person of, there is also north the ocean of.Qin Zhang Shu simply bottom sits at don't know as well is a whose corpse up, lean against Brett Gardner Authentic Jersey a big of pit wall, the big breathes heavily thick spirit, whole body's taking an officer could not distinguish appearance more already.Three round and round long die, two battalion commanders, seven company commanders also died!20 stand a machine gun drive shell deep-fried lousy half.See north the ocean again hurtled to come up, he pressed a line of bullets in to play box and also pulled out out Chinese dollar type pistol allotting, malicious vomited of blood phlegm.
    His mama of, forget to take a wife first!Don't know that the King of Hell marries not to marry virgin as well.
    When food for powder again from the dugout inside inclined on one side start, but the distance world was abrupt however was torn to pieces!Sees the left side, the right side still have positive rear to gleam to have hundreds of fire regiments, it is and the rise to only order closely a more heavy than the sky's star!
    "Commander commander they killed to come over!"
    Shout to ring out from the battlefield in a short instant, black-and-blu