The explosion voice of hand grenade
  • jlsalh21 October 2017
    defense soldier, with I blunt!"
    Several hundred dozens are red the soldier of eyes follow him to hurtle toward the bridge noodles together to, stand Sen the national defense soldier of the cold bayonet officers and men immediately will in a Tony Romo Authentic Jersey row take the offensive utterly exhausted northern ocean soldier a sting have been already poured, but bridge noodles that sees form but again again the parties come to living a dint soldier, both parties immediately fight on the bridge noodles.North ocean soldier of ferocious is also of, besides beat red the northern ocean of eyes.Take down after the filial piety a Zong soldier of Ping Guo Zhang to ignore, can be fornicated by these Tyrod Taylor Authentic Jersey soldiers Ru slightly and fully a day, this time take to Hankow promise again, so these the northern ocean soldier who know money, woman and Yuan a life time Kai,such as wild beast, roars blunt kill to come over, wring to kill together both parties the machine none of gun to dare to beat again, so one regiment is simply all rush toward last bridge noodles.
    Bayonet Tong, the butt end hits!A lot of soldiers even with enemy choke together, tooth, fist!Can thought of of, can use last all take out, also the many people is simply to start to grasp the very full Zay Jones Authentic Jersey canteen goes toward an enemy head up hit.Choke Bo to dig eyes, the bayonet Tong go to waist to ascend to also have no a felling, the blood direct current forgot more, both parties all have been plumb crazy, think in the heart of the only affair is to place an in front ground's person at the hopeless situation and use no matter what way!Xie Yuan Kai in the knives after killing a northern ocean soldier with the bayonet Tong first, and then pull out hand grenade close quarter to kill by explosion 2, see ability when one drum annoy to give° this northern ocean soldier to press to return to the Li Chun but life person drags along to come to two 57 millimeters of small cannon to directly push they to Chiaotou, the gun muzzle is quasi- a while Xie Yuan Kai's department.The close quarter opens gunfire behind bridge noodles Carson Wentz Authentic Jersey up immediately exploded to open numerous blood flowers, the Cu cannot compares with to defend of Xie Yuan Kai's first hit be shot by a shell to pour at in the pool of blood, leave of the soldier also have never thought north the ocean will be been bayonet with the big gun, immediately drive deep-fried utterly routed blood Piao Chu.
    A bridge is two bridges after falling, two back of the bridges are three bridges, the fierce northern ocean artillery lets the owner all breathe heavily however annoy, the one and other northern ocean soldier plays a life to make track for a bottom to kill, more northern ocean soldiers make use of withered water to expect to force and clamor in the Wei of military officer next, once started wading together waist deep river water to outflank and attack to come over from two wings, these person's strains like Huang Ke Qiangs,etcs that all let inside the bunker are thousand times.
    "Navy's camp is navy, see quickly!"
    In the most urgent time, Derek Carr Authentic Jersey three gunboats that hang to fly tiger ensign on the river noodleses finally appeared, the Chu Yu warship takes the lead, and Wang Guang Xiong points at a bridge direction more to yell a way:"Directions at 11:00 hurriedly shoots!"
    The Yang-tze River thoroughly seethes, after respectfully fixs to promise neutral, navy camp Chu Yu, Chu Qian and river man three gunboats finally can cross Hankow.5120 millimeters in the door, 575 millimeters of warship cannon are booming under the conductor of light signal a