Beautiful places
  • Soren October 2017
    Beautiful places always attract me so much and always like to go there with my friends and family members. For the sake of this purpose have explored lots of places and this time going to have fun on. So do let me know what you guys will like to say about this?

    Had lots of fun at acadia national park tour from new york city.
  • YashitaYashita October 2017
    Soren! It is good to see that you love to spend your time with your family and friends. You said that you have explored lots of places. Would you like to share some names of places which you have explored and also share that which kind of beauty attract you?

    Sister have packed bag for bus to yosemite
  • MirrahMirrah October 2017
    Soren, I am also just like you. The natural beauty of the places always attract me towards them. I just love to explore the tremendous places in my free time to have fun. My most favorite places in the world are Maldives, Bali, Bora Biora, Thailand, Fiji and Greece.
  • Brinkman October 2017
    Yeah, Natual beauty and some modern architecture always attract me. I must say it will be a fun way for all fun seekers to be around Yosemite or go for Greece. Have you ever been there? If yes, then must share with me your travel memories.
  • Johnny Jack November 2017
    Soren! Going to agree with you the beautiful places always appeal lots to all. I also really like to explore beautiful places which filled with nature beauty. In my life, I had visited lots of places like this with family and friends. By the way, kinds of places you have visited still yet in your life?