Raging Waters LA
  • Johnny Jack August 2017
    Raging Waters Los Angeles is a water park in San Dimas. It is a large waterfall and popular water park. This park is famous due to sand beach, area for tots and dozens of slides & attractions. My brother and shared this park information with me and said that we will explore this park in next week. I am really happy after hearing this news and now I wait for exploring this water.

    Enjoyed my tours to yosemite from los angeles.
  • Soren August 2017
    I have much heard about the beauty of Raging Waters Los Angeles from many visitors. All said this is a famous place which attracts the guests. However, its sounds really cool and love to be there after this bus tours to niagara falls from nyc. So do let me know what will you like to advise me regarding this dude?
  • YashitaYashita August 2017
    Raging Waters Los Angeles is the new name for me and would love to say that both of you have shared really very informative stuff about it. After reading your views I wanna make moves around there with my mates and quite sure that it will be best for me.
  • Brinkman October 2017
    Raging Waters Los Angeles sounds something exciting to try out. Will make sure to go there for fun soon. Hope will be an idea to go ahead. If it is possible then share with me some of its exciting views to make me more crazy to go for it. So, will wait to read more about it.
  • Soren October 2017
    Brinkman I realy want to know the description of Raging Waters Los Angeles in a short summary. Would you like to share with all of us? I am willing to see your next response.
  • Flora12 February 15
    Raging Waters Los Angeles is so interesting place and mostly families go to this place and enjoy this place some memorable time. I have also visited this place with my sister's small family. I ahead wish to go to this place and get the great experience.