Pink city
  • I have heard that India one place is known as a pink city which filled with beautiful attractions and also look pink at night time. I want to know this city name because my friends are going to explore India. I wish they could explore this city there and shared their personal experience with me. If anyone comes to know about this city then must share here.

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  • Soren July 2017
    Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India is a well-known place among travelers which attract all visitors and offer them to have a good time there. I also much heard about this place from many visitors and all said the best place for exploring something new and wow. So will like to say that buddy must go there.

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  • Brinkman October 2017
    Really? I would love to know more about Rajasthan even love to go there for fun. Hopefully will remain a great idea to go ahead for me. So, buddy would you love to add some names of attractive destinations of Rajasthan here?
  • Soren October 2017
    Brinkman, here I am going to share some places names of Rajasthan here
    Amer Fort
    City Palace, Udaipur
    Karni Mata Temple
    Sambhar Salt Lake
    Jaipur Zoo
    Jaigarh Fort
    I think you should explore theses all.
  • Flora12 February 15
    Soren!! Rajasthan is new for me and i have not visited this place in my life but I want to know this place and also want to know these attractions that you shared in your post. I am so curiously known about these places details so let share with me.
  • YashitaYashita February 21
    According to my information Pink city is the most famous attraction of India and it is a historical place at there which is the richest place in history in this region. Soren! I would like to say that you have shared really very amazing names list of attractions which visitors could enjoy at there while their tours and trips.