We’re sorry you are having problems. Here is some useful information that might help get you back on trail.


What’s a Route? A Route is any shared trailhead, campsite, section of river, rock face, or ski area. It’s an established route and generally has a parking area.

Can I add an area? Many times routes have one or more parent areas for example the popular climbing route Wisdom is on the Redgarden Wall, which is in Eldorado Canyon. Currently each of these areas is a separate Route listed on the map, eventually you will be able to bound an area which will automatically group all the routes with in it.

Why would an activity have No Route? If your activity is off the beaten path and is not easily (or legally) repeatable by others then you can choose “No Route” on step 2 of adding an activity. This is often the case with road biking since there is no well-defined “trail” you take. The activity will still be added to your Adventure Passport, but will not be searchable on the map by others.

How do I add buddies? We do not currently have a way to search members. If you log in using your facebook account then your facebook friends who log in to Panorak the same way, will automatically be added to your buddies. Also if you happen to see one of your friends user names somewhere on the page (or if you navigate directly to their passport url) then you can go to their Passport and choose “Add as Buddy”.

How do I locate a route I’m trying to do? All routes on Panorak are required to have at least one “location pin” when created. There are pins to mark everything from a parking lot, to a trailhead, or even a scenic area, depending on the route. You can get driving directions to these pins by clicking on the link next to “Directions:” on the main page for any route. Make sure you drop these pins accurately when entering a route and, if they are incorrect, please click the “edit route” button in the upper right to fix it. These pins are the only way for fellow Panorakers to locate a route!

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