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Primal Colorado Bike Expo Posted By dustin on

The Primal Colorado Bike Expo is coming up! Whether you are an industry professional, cycling club, club rider or just a biking enthusiast we think you might have something to gain from going to the Expo. They will have over a hundred vendors showing off their latest and greatest gear, clearance deals, information on organized [...]

Panorak Racing Team Assemble! Posted By dustin on

  Exciting News! We have a racing team thanks to the efforts of Drew! If you want to join our team (if you race you can get some pretty sweet pro-deals) order your kit online! If you just want to sport some Panorak Pride feel free to order a kit as well! Password is panorak2014 [...]

GoPro Mountain Games! Posted By dustin on

The 2013 GoPro Mountain Games are underway! Day one kicked off with some exciting kayak action on the class V rapids of Homestake Creek at the Bud Light Steep Creek Championships. The GoPro Mountain Games got off to a wet start as almost 50 kayakers from around the world plunged down Homestake Creek, racing for the fastest [...]

MH Hoopla 4

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is the place to scope out the latest innovations in outdoor gear and apparel. As an annual ritual, this means witnessing the latest tactics that manufacturers use to make their gear lose the weight and retain the function. This year saw both established tent manufacturers and brand-new competitors using some innovative [...]

Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Posted By Drew on
IMG_1511 2

As some of you may have seen him on our site before, I have a four year old Siberian Husky named Nanook. He’s starting to get out of his “puppy” phase and is getting a little more calm, but he still needs regular exercise or he goes crazy. I’ve always tried to get him to [...]

The View from a Hammock Posted By dan on

This past Sunday I climbed Mount Massive via the South West slope, a route that rises nearly 4,000 vertical feet in just over 4 miles. Needless to say, I was pretty spent by the end of the day. I’m not quite sure what was more rewarding the view from the summit or relaxing in my Trek Light [...]

On “Sucking it Up” Posted By Charlie on
Awww yeah.

    She just wants to go climbing… There’s traffic on the highway. Stop and go. I am starting the three-hour drive from Yale to its closest real sport climbing area in Rumney, NH. My air conditioning isn’t working. I’m not in a great mood. This is the moment when I think, “how cool would it [...]

Rock Climbing’s Olympic Fate Posted By Charlie on
This Climbing World Cup in Chamoniz, FR Attracts a Huge Crowd

In the last few years, the number of sports in the winter Olympic games has nearly doubled. The summer games, though, have remained an impenetrable club, where outsiders have little chance at basking in the Olympic glory currently reserved for sports like ribbon twirling and weightlifting… among others. One eager community, however, has earned a [...]

Bamboo Contest Winners! Posted By Charlie on
It's a bamboo watet bottle!

They’re no Charlie Sheen, but congrats nonetheless to Tera Farnsworth, Emily Mulica, Jason Kerwin, and Jack Roland for winning Panorak’s Bamboo Contest! We’ll be sending these lucky winners some great water bottles from the Bamboo Bottle Company and some Eco-friendly Bamboo Tees from Panorak. Didn’t win? Disappointed? Don’t be! Panorak is running promotional contests all [...]

Hanging Lake Trail

Today is the first day of summer so the days are longer and the snow’s finally melted, which mean’s it’s time to start getting outside more regularly. Here’s a guide to hiking Denver. If these trails aren’t your bag then you can run your own search on Panorak to filter for dog friendly trails, or [...]

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