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Telluride from Above Posted By dan on

Quadcopters are awesome. Telluride is awesome. What’s not to love in this epic video by Elevated Productions?

A Case for Mountain Biking Norway Posted By dan on
Mountain Biking in Norway

If Norway was low on your travel bucket list, you may want to reconsider after seeing this mountain bike footage from the Lofoten Islands. Did we mention the Northern Lights? What are you waiting for.

Crabby Wallet: Adventure wallet with attitude Posted By dustin on
Crabby Colors

We’ve all been there, going out hiking or camping and want to take the bare necessities into the wilderness on our adventure and then we’re forced to carry around a big bulky monstrosity or take a few spare cards floating around in your pocket or running shorts. For the wallet minimalist / adventurist in all [...]

Planning Guide to mountain biking trails in Moab Utah

Planning a mountain bike trip to Moab? Check out this weekend guide for the best places to ride, refuel, and stock up on gear. We can help with the weekend planning, but you’re on your own for explaining the bruising and general lack of focus back at the office come Monday. Day 1, Friday: Warming [...]

Think of Wheelchairs in a Whole New Light Posted By dustin on

In this TED talk by Sue Austin we are challenged to think about wheelchairs in a different manner, not on how they represent a stigma of limitation but in how they allow freedom. Sue’s talk is truly eye opening in that she has taken something that she loves and allowed it to take her to [...]

An Intro to Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Posted By dan on
A View of the Reef

Panorak is about seeking Adventure in new and wild places. Most often we look to our local trails, but for those itching to get to the ocean or curious about scuba diving, I may have found the perfect trip for you. Recently I spent two days aboard the Coral Sea Dreaming based out of Cairns, [...]


The San Rafael Swell is a giant 3,000-square-mile dome-shaped uplift of sandstone, limestone and shale about 60 miles northwest of Moab, that little town in the desert everyone’s heard of. Over several million years, water has cut canyons and valleys out of the rock, giving lots of us a great playground. The Swell is also [...]


Styx concert (yeah, that Styx. Dig it.). Camping in Yosemite. Both are great ways to spend a weekend this summer. And both may involve interacting with a shady-looking dude in the parking lot muttering something to the affect of “Pssst…Need tickets.” Because suddenly our national park system has become the equivalent of a sold-out concert. [...]

No Reservations Posted By dustin on

In honor of National Bike Month (May) I’d like to share a story of a couple who spent four summers riding out segments across the USA.  Traveling from Seattle to Bar Harbor, this husband and wife team inspire all of us to take on life as an adventure and make it more exciting by giving your [...]

Entering Chesler Park.

I think the first time I heard anything about Chesler Park, I was being a non-productive REI employee and flipping through a copy of Peter Potterfield’s Classic Hikes of the World at the Paradise Valley store in Phoenix. A couple months later, I would move from Phoenix to Denver, on the way stopping at 4 [...]

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