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GoPro Mountain Games! Posted By dustin on

The 2013 GoPro Mountain Games are underway! Day one kicked off with some exciting kayak action on the class V rapids of Homestake Creek at the Bud Light Steep Creek Championships. The GoPro Mountain Games got off to a wet start as almost 50 kayakers from around the world plunged down Homestake Creek, racing for the fastest [...]

Think of Wheelchairs in a Whole New Light Posted By dustin on

In this TED talk by Sue Austin we are challenged to think about wheelchairs in a different manner, not on how they represent a stigma of limitation but in how they allow freedom. Sue’s talk is truly eye opening in that she has taken something that she loves and allowed it to take her to [...]

An Intro to Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Posted By dan on
A View of the Reef

Panorak is about seeking Adventure in new and wild places. Most often we look to our local trails, but for those itching to get to the ocean or curious about scuba diving, I may have found the perfect trip for you. Recently I spent two days aboard the Coral Sea Dreaming based out of Cairns, [...]

Cold Water Protection and Hypothermia Posted By dan on

Via – Outdoor AdventureCharlie Walbridge on the dangers of hypothermia and how to protect yourself.Show original


Get yer fix of paddling fun this weekend at Salida’s New Belgium FIBArk Whitewater Festival. With live music, tasty brews, and, of course, whitewater events, it’s the go-to river festival of the year. Boaters have competed in FIBArk (which stands for First in Boating the Arkansas) since 1949, which has morphed from a three-day event to [...]

A quick and fun rafting trip on the Poudre River Posted By Emily on
Rafting on the Poudre River

On the northern end of the Front Range lies a low hanging fruit of easy access: the lower Cache la Poudre River. Maybe it’s because it seems that all weekend trips we do—from backcountry skiing to yurts to rafting western waters—require 6+ hours of driving, but a day on the Poudre takes but a jot [...]

The Halo Effect Posted By dan on

“Sometimes you have to buck up and huck it”, great line from the Halo Effect. Featuring some of the best kayakers in the world and great footage from Iceland and Norway.    

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