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backpacking packing list

If you’re heading out on a first-time backpacking trip, here’s a backpacking packing list to help you out organize your gear. You might add a few things based on personal preference — for example, maybe you like to have a different spoon for stirring the pot other than the spoon you eat with, or you [...]


Styx concert (yeah, that Styx. Dig it.). Camping in Yosemite. Both are great ways to spend a weekend this summer. And both may involve interacting with a shady-looking dude in the parking lot muttering something to the affect of “Pssst…Need tickets.” Because suddenly our national park system has become the equivalent of a sold-out concert. [...]

Buying Your First Backpacking Tent Posted By Brendan on
backpacking tent

When most of our high-country snow has melted in mid- or late June, it’s going to be a great time to get out and spend some nights under the stars. And if you want to get under the stars away from other people, hitting the trail and hiking a few miles to a campsite is [...]

Camping Lanterns Just Got Cooler (and Greener) Posted By dan on
Solar Camping Lanterns

Ever plan a camping trip in the absence of a full moon and forget to pack batteries for your lantern? Well if you have twenty five bucks and a wide mouth water bottle, then you won’t have to worry much longer. The LightCap 200 is a clever rechargeable LED lantern that turns your Nalgene or [...]

Entering Chesler Park.

I think the first time I heard anything about Chesler Park, I was being a non-productive REI employee and flipping through a copy of Peter Potterfield’s Classic Hikes of the World at the Paradise Valley store in Phoenix. A couple months later, I would move from Phoenix to Denver, on the way stopping at 4 [...]

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