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Telluride from Above Posted By dan on

Quadcopters are awesome. Telluride is awesome. What’s not to love in this epic video by Elevated Productions?

Yurbuds: Best Headphones Ever. Posted By dustin on
Yurbuds inspire pro

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all about this awesome product we found while we were at the Outdoor Retailer Show.  The product is called Yurbuds and I have to be honest they have to be the best things ever invented for people who love being active outdoors and love their music.  It seems [...]

Crabby Wallet: Adventure wallet with attitude Posted By dustin on
Crabby Colors

We’ve all been there, going out hiking or camping and want to take the bare necessities into the wilderness on our adventure and then we’re forced to carry around a big bulky monstrosity or take a few spare cards floating around in your pocket or running shorts. For the wallet minimalist / adventurist in all [...]


The Switch Aero System by Redshift Sports lets you get the most out of your road bike. The system’s Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost allow you to transition on-the-fly between your normal road position and a true aero position, without even slowing down. The system is perfect for cyclists, triathletes, or anyone looking for a [...]

The Backcountry Access Float 30

Meesh Hytner was snowboarding in the backcountry not too long ago and got caught in a serious avalanche that could have ended her life.  (See the video below).  Thankfully she was wearing her BCA Float 30 Avalanche Airbag.  This device deploys with a pull of a ripcord to put out a giant airbag to help [...]

backpacking packing list

If you’re heading out on a first-time backpacking trip, here’s a backpacking packing list to help you out organize your gear. You might add a few things based on personal preference — for example, maybe you like to have a different spoon for stirring the pot other than the spoon you eat with, or you [...]

Find-Bamboo Win-Bamboo Contest! Posted By Charlie on
Panorak Tees

Win Sweet, Sustainable, Bamboo Gear! See Below for contest details. The health of our planet is an issue that affects Panorakers in an especially direct way: The less sustainable our world becomes, the smaller our playground becomes— and nobody likes that. Thinking about this, we started racking our brains for sustainable contest prizes. We were continuously [...]

Buying Your First Backpacking Tent Posted By Brendan on
backpacking tent

When most of our high-country snow has melted in mid- or late June, it’s going to be a great time to get out and spend some nights under the stars. And if you want to get under the stars away from other people, hitting the trail and hiking a few miles to a campsite is [...]

Camping Lanterns Just Got Cooler (and Greener) Posted By dan on
Solar Camping Lanterns

Ever plan a camping trip in the absence of a full moon and forget to pack batteries for your lantern? Well if you have twenty five bucks and a wide mouth water bottle, then you won’t have to worry much longer. The LightCap 200 is a clever rechargeable LED lantern that turns your Nalgene or [...]

Four items to keep in your bike commuting bag Posted By Brendan on

You like your bike ride to work. It fires up your heart, lungs and legs before you spend 8 hours sitting in desk chair getting soft.  You lessen your impact on the environment. You spend a few more minutes outdoors, every day. It makes you smile. One thing can wipe that smile off your face: [...]

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