Yurbuds: Best Headphones Ever. Posted By dustin on

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all about this awesome product we found while we were at the Outdoor Retailer Show.  The product is called Yurbuds and I have to be honest they have to be the best things ever invented for people who love being active outdoors and love their music.  It seems that any time anyone wants to get a good set of headphones that will stay put when you are working out you basically have two options.

First you could do the “behind the ear” approach, I personally can’t stand these headphones, they feel like they are hanging on to my head by hooks.  They always flap around any time you really push your self and the sound quality suffers because the buds become so loose in your ears that you can barely hear the music.

Secondly you could do the shove in and pray method of ear buds.  Basically they shove into your ear canal and rely on their expansive properties and friction between the ear bud material and your ear canal to keep the buds in there. This has some major drawbacks, first of all if the earbuds are big enough to stay in your ears they will be pushing on the insides of your ear canals. If you use these earphones for any time longer than 30 minutes your ears really start to ache.  Secondly, even if you get a good fit, as soon as you start sweating (and your head has some of the largest sweat glands) then they just slide out anyway as soon as you shake your head.  This leads to most people trying to keep their head perfectly still when they go jogging or biking and this is just plain awful.

Yurbud’s patented design makes it so that there is no painful squeezing against the inside of your ears, instead they lock down into your ear hole with a twisting motion, making them super comfortable and also increasing audio quality by channeling directly to the source.  This allows them to have great audio quality without having to turn up the volume loud at all.  I think the model I have has the best quality sound I’ve found out of in-ear headphones for sub $100 (they typically retail for about $60).  Another great thing about the nice sound quality is that they do not block the outside ambient noise because they are not wedged in your ears, this means that if you’re road biking you can still hear outside noises pretty well (of course if you don’t have the volume cranked all the way up).

Once Yurbuds lock into place it makes them virtually impossible to shake free, infact the only time I’ve had them pop out is when I’ve had a bike crash and then everything went everywhere so I’m not surprised they fell out.  I’ve used them for hiking, running, mountain biking and parkour and even doing flips and running all over the place they always set nicely in my ears.

I can’t recomend these earphones enough, I’ve personally bought 3 pairs so far for my self and gifts for other people.  If you’re in the market for some great workout headphones I’d say these should be at the top of your list.

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