Planning a mountain bike trip to Moab? Check out this weekend guide for the best places to ride, refuel, and stock up on gear. We can help with the weekend planning, but you’re on your own for explaining the bruising and general lack of focus back at the office come Monday.

Day 1, Friday: Warming up the saddle 

a stretch of single track on Amasa Back trail

Wake up really early for a hearty breakfast on the patio at Eklectik Cafe before visiting a local bike shop to stock up on supplies, local intel, and stoke. You can’t go wrong with either Poison Spider Bike Shop or Chili Pepper Bike Shop , though there are many to choose from.

Amasa Back Trail : Out and back fun for the whole family! Actually, Amasa Back is very technically demanding. But unlike Porcupine Rim, most of the obstacles are avoidable, so you can chose to walk the tougher sections. There’s a steady incline that could be a good warm up the day before you tackle the steeps of Slick Rock. Best of all, you’ll come to one of the best views in the area overlooking Sand Flats Recreation area and the La Sal Mountains.


Day 2, Saturday: Epic, Epic Day 

Enjoying sunset at Delicate Arch near Moab

Slick Rock: This 13 mile bike trail over petrified sand dunes has made Moab famous in cycling communities world wide. Though not suitable for beginners, Slick Rock has a practice loop where you can test your skills before committing to the full ride. For those with the cardio endurance and the courage to ride the full loop- you’ll be humbled and built up at the same time. Avoid riding in the heat of the day and be sure to take plenty of water.

Sunset Hike to Delicate Arch: If you’re still able to walk, you’ll want a more mellow activity in the afternoon. I suggest timing the short hike to Delicate Arch, in Arches National Park, for a sunset photo opp.

If you’re not starving after this day, then you’re not human! Hit up the all you can eat pizza buffet at Zax Pizza to refuel and carb load.

Day 3, Sunday: Whoa Shit, was that for real? 

Resting up for the downhill overlooking Castle Valley

Porcupine Rim/ Kokapelli  : Porcupine Rim Trail is ridden one way, so arrange Acme Bike Shuttle to trail head. This trail serves up four miles of double track uphill riding before you reach a beautiful scenic view and the start of an epic 2,800 foot decent over 11 miles. Even the best riders will be challenged technically, especially in the last mile of the trail, before reaching the Colorado River along highway 128. Porcupine is exhausting, but riders who can find their flow are left smiling for days.

After a not so quick, but well worth the wait, stop at  Milt’s Stop and Eat you’ll regain more than enough calories to get you back home where you can begin planning your inevitable return to Moab.

*Fees required within Sand Flats Rec Area and Arches National Park

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