The Switch Aero System by Redshift Sports lets you get the most out of your road bike. The system’s Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost allow you to transition on-the-fly between your normal road position and a true aero position, without even slowing down. The system is perfect for cyclists, triathletes, or anyone looking for a comfortable and aerodynamic alternate riding position.

The Switch Aerobars are different than any other clip-on aerobars. They have a patent-pending quick-release mechanism that lets you attach or remove them in seconds without using tools – since there’s no time-consuming setup or breakdown, you can choose the perfect setup every time you head out the door.

It takes more than a set of aerobars to achieve a proper aero position. And that is where the Switch Dual-Position Seatpost comes in letting you move the saddle forward on-the-fly, replicating the steeper seat tube angle of a tri bike. The steeper geometry opens up your hip angle and maintains proper leg extension, letting you ride more comfortably and efficiently in the aero position.

The Switch Aero System gives you the flexibility to choose the best setup for every part of every ride. If you’re going out for a group ride, you can leave the aerobars at home and ride a pure road bike. But if you’re racing in a triathlon or doing a charity ride, you can throw the aerobars on and choose the best position for every climb, flat, and descent.


The Switch Aero System is currently available on Kickstarter starting at $109.



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