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We’ve all been there, going out hiking or camping and want to take the bare necessities into the wilderness on our adventure and then we’re forced to carry around a big bulky monstrosity or take a few spare cards floating around in your pocket or running shorts. For the wallet minimalist / adventurist in all of us there is a new wallet on the market that we really like. The Crabby Wallet.

Just coming off of a successful kickstarter campaign this company has created a bare minimum wallet to carry all of your necessities while still being stylish and cool. We funded the Kickstarter campaign because we wanted an everyday wallet that could carry all of the necessary cards (ID and 2 credit cards and some spending cash) without weighing down our pack and being able to neatly fit into our pockets (plus its got a cool crabby on it), but lets be honest, we really just wanted a brightly colored wallet to go with our stylish outdoor gear.



  • Cheap (under $20)
  • Nine awesome colors
  • Superthin
  • Holds your phone
  • Clips onto your gear (little loopy thing)
  • Good stitching / durable


  • The supplied clip is hard to use (replace it with that carabiner we know you all have)
  • You have to start folding your bills in thirds (only awkward at first)

The run-down: If you like carrying around a minimalist wallet for your super tight hipster jeans or just don’t want the bulk of a normal wallet, this wallet is for you. If you’ve got a zillion gift cards and a wallet the size of a brick, you might want to rethink your life choices.  If you’re thinking about losing some of your cards and going minimalist carry around just a few cards for a couple days and see if you like it, if you do I’d say bite the bullet and get the Crabby Wallet, it kicks ass.

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