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This past Sunday I climbed Mount Massive via the South West slope, a route that rises nearly 4,000 vertical feet in just over 4 miles. Needless to say, I was pretty spent by the end of the day. I’m not quite sure what was more rewarding the view from the summit or relaxing in my Trek Light Hammock afterwords.

The way I see it adventure and relaxation go hand in hand. While getting outdoors is about pushing my limits and getting my adrenaline fix it’s also very much about escaping the busy work of every day life and finding the solitude that only exists in the wild. I’m a stickler for packing light and I carefully select every item that goes in to my bag. Still, I’ve taken my hammock just about everywhere over the past two years, including snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park, kayaking near the Grand Canyon, and bouldering in Joshua Tree.


Rest after a 15 mile float trip near the Grand Canyon

Down time is part of every great adventure. Eventually you’ll get some rest and that nap that you worked so hard for, or that book that you’re finally getting to read, should be as blissful and as enjoyable as possible. That’s why I consider my hammock as essential “gear”, right up there with my hydration pack and my headlamp.




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