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As some of you may have seen him on our site before, I have a four year old Siberian Husky named Nanook. He’s starting to get out of his “puppy” phase and is getting a little more calm, but he still needs regular exercise or he goes crazy. I’ve always tried to get him to the dog park as regularly as possible, but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. I’ve discovered that running with your dog is a great way to wear your dog out in a time crunch and keep yourself in shape at the same time.

I have a Ruff Wear Knot-a-Leash that I usually ran with Nanook on because it was lighter and easier to manage than his retractable leash. It was better than the retractable leash at first, but over time it began to get frustrating for the both of us. Whenever one of use would turn a different way, the end of the leash would snap Nanook back probably giving him some whiplash. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for me to watch, nor for Nanook to go through himself. The leash also had slack when he was close and would get tangled in his legs and I would have to stop and get him sorted out again. Another problem was that running while holding a leash was throwing off my running form. I had to compensate for the leash leaving me doing a single arm swing; not the most efficient thing to do while running. Nanook eventually hated running with me because of the leash and would give me a hard time when I tried to hook him to it. They were manageable set-backs, but they led to growing frustration and a yearning for something better.

When we attended the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City last week, one exhibitor caught my eye right away. The Minneapolis based company Stunt Puppy had a number of creative looking collars and leashes including a running leash, which I had seen before but had never gotten a chance to use. Naturally, I picked one up and haven’t looked back since. The leash is built with flex so it’s short when Nanook is close and stretches out when he wanders. It also leaves Nanook with a gradual pull when he distances himself rather than giving him whiplash when he gets too far. It also wraps around your waist so I no longer have to compensate with my arms and can run normally. Just make sure you have a layer on underneath so it doesn’t rub you the wrong way when the leash rotates around your waist. Also, make sure you find a good length for the waist strap. I’m not sure if mine is too tight or too loose, but it rode up on me a bit. I’ll certainly be tinkering with it until it’s just right because this thing is sweet! I have finally found a leash that has Nanook willing to run again. Dare I say that he even gets excited when I pull his running leash? I don’t want to jinx it, but the signs are pointed towards ‘yes’.

Be sure to check out the Stunt Runner as well as the rest of the Stunt Puppy line-up. If you’re a runner and so is your dog, a running leash is a worthwhile investment and will lead to a happier run for you and your pup alike.


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