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In honor of National Bike Month (May) I’d like to share a story of a couple who spent four summers riding out segments across the USA.  Traveling from Seattle to Bar Harbor, this husband and wife team inspire all of us to take on life as an adventure and make it more exciting by giving your self a real challenge. Each summer for 4 years they made a trek across a part of the USA to see and feel what this great land had to offer.  No Reservations describes their journey across the US, through the good times and the bad, until they had traveled the entire distance from Seattle Washington to Bar Harbor Maine.


As a favor to Panorak, Sally has provided us with the first two paragraphs of her book:

“We did it. In four summers, my husband Dave and I rode across America on our bicycles. This account of our bicycle odyssey across the northern United States offers a window into America from 1999 to 2003 as we experienced it on that journey. Pedaling through the mists of the Pacific Northwest, across snowy mountains, along great rivers, over golden plains, around the Great Lakes, and through the remains of turbulent history to the rocky shores of the Maine coast on the Atlantic, we were transformed by the beauty of America and the generosity of her people.

I was 54 and Dave was 60. Not wanting middle age to put us in the slow lane and not wanting to stop moving forward, we pushed ourselves to undertake a big challenge. Cycling across America was that challenge. Without reservations and carrying our own gear, we discovered that in new territory, we regenerated ourselves. We learned we could still embrace life with enthusiasm as it unrolled, with all its hills and valleys, around us. We grew healthy and strong.


To buy their book and to read more about their fantastic adventures, go to their book on Amazon.com and be inspired to make a journey like their’s. The full title of the book is “No Reservations: A Cycling Adventure Across America Seattle to Bar Harbor”. For anyone else inspired to make an incredible biking journey, aside from checking out Sally Hall’s great book, you can find a great community of active cyclists who love to travel by bike on AdventureCycling.org.

P.S. Don’t forget to ride your bikes! There’s only one week left in National Bike Week.

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