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Win Sweet, Sustainable, Bamboo Gear! See Below for contest details.

The health of our planet is an issue that affects Panorakers in an especially direct way: The less sustainable our world becomes, the smaller our playground becomes— and nobody likes that.

Thinking about this, we started racking our brains for sustainable contest prizes. We were continuously hit over the head with one super sustainable material: Bamboo. Bamboo, which is now working its way into everything from kitchenware to textiles, can grow an inch in the time it takes most people to run a 5K and it’s harvested by chopping the shoots a whole inch from their bases, preventing erosion of the top soil and disruption of the microhabitats formed on the floors of bamboo forests. Bamboo helps to combat global warming by releasing 35% more oxygen per plant than comparable tree species and can capture 12 tons of Carbon Dioxide per Hectacre per month. Basically, it’s a super plant and we are really excited to be promoting it with this contest.

Grand Prize Winners receive stylish water bottles made from the practically inexhaustible resources of bamboo and glass

Panorak Tees

2nd Place prizes: Panorak Tees made of 70% viscose from organic bamboo. Softer than your softest cotton shirt. People are going to touch you.





To Enter The Contest:




1. “Like” this blog post using the facebook button below. (Then you’re friends too can learn about the awesomeness of bamboo!)

2. Search Panorak for a hiking route in hawaii. You’re looking for a trail that features a boardwalk stroll through a beautiful bamboo forest.

3. Once you find the trail, record an activity by clicking “Add Activity” (Now, we know that’s probably not true, but we won’t tell and you’ll probably gain some real Pano-cred for having done a sick hike in Hawaii. Just don’t make a habit out of logging fake hikes…)

Everyone who adds activity on this route will be entered in a random drawing. As with all of our contests, you can add a new route to Panorak to get entered in the drawing again, increasing your chances.

Two first place winners will win the ultimate sustainable water bottle from the Bamboo Bottle Company.  Two second place winners will win super soft Panorak Tees made from Bamboo fiber.

Get ready, get psyched, and get Panoraking!

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